Friday, July 10, 2020

Logo Maker Plus Mod Apk Download Version (Premium, Adsblock)

Logo Maker Plus Mod Apk Download Version (Premium, Adsblock)

Description :

Create background logos and designs using thousands of free template items and editing options. There is no limit to the creativity in the "Download Maker logo" You can make the original logo regardless of all this in a single logo generator. You can change the color of the thumbnails, or use a color image to add color to your logo and apply a custom filter to them. A simple icon will look very different with the right texture of your design. You can also create original color graphics and apply them to your themes. Giving your logo 3D depth and making it look like a 3D logo is also a way. Don't wait any longer and start using our Logo Maker for free and see the difference. Not only do we give you free templates of free templates that you can do nothing new with, we give you the tools to create real logos for your needs.

Additionally, you can produce more than just logo design with Logo Maker Plus, it's not just a logo maker. All of your social media covers can be created in the shortest time you can call Logopit Plus and the cover maker, banner designer, photo editor or poster maker. Most of your photo editing needs will be hosted in one place. You can design Facebook Covers, Twitter Posts, Twitter Header images, Pinterest graphics, Posters, YouTube Cover Photos, Thumbnails, Thumbnails and many more. We offer free 1000s free templates for Instagram Posts, YouTube icons and all those other social media graphics like icing on the cake.

Let's talk about typing and what magic scenes you can put on photos with our logo maker. We have just set a brand new font called "Fonts +" that have come in with 700 new families supporting Latin to Arabic, Cyrillic to Greek, in almost all languages. You can make your text look 3D by giving it three times the obvious depth, remember Logopit is the only real 3D logo builder. You can make your text round, you can bend the text, you can make it wavy or you can use all those features combined. There are also adjustment options for naming numbers and line height if possible.

Also, you use your photos and images. Import your photos from your app gallery easily and add to any makeup you want in a few seconds. You can apply our 50 different photo filters to your photos instantly. Not to mention a combination of options. Yes, you can mix your photos with other photos with our previous patterns. Image filtering and photo integration ... This is not what you would expect from a simple Logo maker, right? Plus, you can import your photos into thumbnails, just try to have fun.

After completing your design, you can save it as a draft so that you can always come back in time, transform it and produce a beautiful new design.

Mod and Features :

🔹Create professional logos for free
🔸Makes Beautiful professional logo
🔹500+ amazing templates availabile
🔸Billing is removed from the app
🔹You can buy premium for free
🔸Must try app if you luv logo making

Apk Download :

Information :

Name Logo Maker Plus
Size 11.5MB

Screenshots :