Sunday, July 12, 2020

OS13 Launcher Premium Mod Apk Download Version 3.1.1 (Prime unlocked)

OS13 Launcher Premium Mod Apk Download Version 3.1.1 (Prime unlocked)

Description :

OS13 Launcher is i OS13 style launcher, make your phone look like brand new i phoneX, i phone11, With OS13 launcher home screen replacement, you get speed, beauty and elegance without lost Android customization and personalization.

X OS13 Launcher is inspired by iOS 13 launcher, it is NOT official iPhone launcher, our team have no official relation with Apple, we built this launcher with the hope to let Android users can taste iOS launcher style, bring additional value to users; this iOS style launcher use no iOS icons and wallpapers, all are redesigned.

OS13 Launcher can work on ALL Android 4.4+ devices, you get OS13 launcher unify icon shape, OS13 launcher layout and animation, like you having a brand new i PhoneX, i Phone11

Lock desktop layout to avoid being messed by kids and others

Multi dock page, and dock background configuration

OS13 Launcher support changing fonts

Desktop grid size option

OS13 Launcher support 3 color mode: Light, Dark, Auto Adaptation

Mod and Features :

🔹 Prime unlocked
🔸 Standalone Apk
🔹 Removed useless files
🔸 App optimized for smooth performance

Apk Download :

Information :

Name OS13 Launcher Premium
Size 9.6MB
Version 3.1.1

Screenshots :